The test Do you depend on gambling

Game addiction is one of those aspects scared by members of the public and various organizations when they talk about the depravity and unacceptability of gambling for the society . However, many studies have already confirmed that this type of dependence affects less than 1% of players, most of whom have had some deviation in the psyche even before the start of the game in the online casino . Then let’s note the main features that distinguish the player, prone to an uncontrollable attraction to the game.

1 . The desire to play gambling at any time of the day and constant thoughts about the game. Naturally, gambling is quite good warming up the blood and delivering a lot of fun to the player, will attract to you again and again. A visitor to a casino prone to uncontrolled addiction, thoughts about the game are forced out of everything from his brain. If the desire to play occurs two or three times a day, it is not an addiction, but an objective desire to receive a portion of positive and pleasure. We emphasize – a fleeting desire, and a constant obsession – these are different things.

2. Regular excess of the game budget. In the online casino , unfortunately, there are losses. When a player wins, he does not count his winnings, because easy money excites blood, but it’s much easier for them than for their own money. Having planned for one game session not to go beyond a certain amount, the dependent player often exceeds this amount several times. For comparison, a regular player has options when he loses a little more than he planned, and for a game player, the game will be played until the player’s score is zero.

3. Desire to recoup and wins, entered into a constant practice. It follows from the previous formulation. Once the game account has been canceled and significant funds have already been spent, it means that wagering is inevitable. Again, it is quite difficult to draw a line. A gambler can have a series when he wants to recapture what was invested in the casino. Nevertheless, he rarely acts out. Since there are no Fortunes today, it means that it will be tomorrow, and the game will be based on already earned money, but not on debt.

Going through these three basic questions and honestly answering yourself to them, you can for yourself determine the line that separates the normal healthy interest in gambling from gambling addiction. Let’s hope that this side of our readers is located as close to a healthy interest as possible, and a game of chance , designed to bring pleasure and joy, is what brings them.