The truth about Paul Darden

Paul Darden is a pro poker who has a unique story to tell. Nicknamed “The Truth”, Paul used to be a troop member during his teenage years. He had his own share of hard life and making life in the Connecticut ghettos was not easy.

Paul was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. He faced the harsh realities of life in the ghettos of his hometown. Even at the tender age of fifteen, Paul was charged and arrested for the murder. But luckily he was acquitted because he did not have a case after all. It was a case of mistaken identity, but the experience gave Paul Darden a hard blow.

Paul was an excellent high school student and he maintained good grades and managed to focus on his goals even after his formidable experience as a youngster. However, it was only a year before graduating high school that he dropped out and he still remembers to this day.

It was basically part of his dad’s play club where Paul learned how to play poker. He has been trained on the caring and entertaining people who come to their day club. Subsequently, Paul became involved in the nightclub business and enjoyed his recently discovered business as a business owner.

Paul’s visits to Connecticut’s Foxwoods Resort and Casino have paved the way for him to play poker at a more serious level. He used to play cash games until he met the younger Phil and then Ivey. Paul was mentored by Ivey and taught him to increase his skills especially on No-Limit Texas Hold’em due to his aggressive play pattern that is suitable for this type of poker game.

Paul may not be lucky enough to do it on TV shows, but his active participation on the tourneys made him a celebrity among those who were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of their favorite pro. He has been playing and competing since joining his other friends in the pro poker circuit.

Paul Darden’s achievements include: 1st place at the Golden Rush event of the World Poker Tour with winnings of $ 171,000; 7th place to the legends of the Poker World Poker Tour with the cash prize of $ 16,125; 2nd place boys from the World Poker Tour to the bad of Poker; 5th place in the million WPT poker game with cash prize of $ 300,000; 1st place at $ 2,500 7 Card Poker World Series 2001 Stud event with prize of $ 147,440.

Paul is a father of four, three of whom are previous reports. He looked for other ways to predict his wife and children because he does not want them to experience the same difficulties in life as he did when he was young.